Successfully integrating a new employee: key steps

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Successfully integrating a new employee: key steps

After consulting numerous resumes and conducting several interviews, you retain the best of workers to help your company grow. However, the best employee cannot realize their full potential if they are not in a conducive environment. It is therefore advisable to prepare their integration within your company and present them to the team so that they feel accepted. There are also other parameters to take into account to successfully integrate a new employee. What are the different steps to follow for the success of the integration process? Keep reading to get to know them.

Announce the arrival internally

Although the recruitment process is not necessarily known to all employees, it is important that once it is completed, the arrival of a new member is announced. This precaution will allow employees to feel considered and ready to welcome a new recruit to their ranks. You have the choice to pass this information orally during a team meeting or in writing in an email or a memo for example. The announcement message must contain information such as the name and surname of the new employee, the position they will occupy and potentially their hobbies.

In a well-structured and organized team , everyone knows the role they have to play. Each employee therefore represents a piece of the same hitch without which the work cannot be done properly. After the announcement of the imminent arrival of a new member, those with whom they will really have to interact with know each other well and have time to prepare for the new memeber’s arrival.

Prepare the workstation

Once they arrive at the company, the new recruit must have an operational workspace. It is therefore necessary to prepare the workstation before the day when they must integrate the company. This step in the onboarding process consists of providing an office or work corner that will be set up. Depending on the task to be performed, it will have to be equipped with paper, pen, pencil, eraser, stapler, telephone, computer. It is easy to understand that the composition of a workstation depends mainly on the responsibilities of the person who has to work there.

Having a well-equipped workspace will allow the new employee to be in the right position to work. The organization of a workstation is thus an additional motivation to work and improve performance.

Compose a welcome kit

The welcome kit is an interesting solution to adopt for the integration of the employee to help them better find their way. The welcome kit usually consists of company-specific items. This can include company culture, regulations, activity timeline, CSE documentation, and other information. However, each employer has the latitude to compose a kit with the elements they find important to know about their company. The kit thus composed also allows the employer not to forget to communicate some important information to the new recruit.

When the employee wants to know more about the company and the opinions of employees, they can consult a trusted platform of employee reviews. This will provide them with the additional information they needs.

Create a mentoring system

The mentoring system is as interesting for the newcomer as it is for the employer. Thanks to this system, the employer has the certainty that their new employee will quickly master the workings of the company. Regarding the integration of the new employee, having a mentor leads them to ask questions in case of misunderstanding and to quickly understand the functioning of the company. The mentor is an employee with a certain number of years of service who must be willing and generous enough to enlighten the lantern of their mentee.

Choosing a mentor for the newcomer is a way to install a good social climate in the company. Indeed, since the mentor has been working in the company for a while, they are a bridge between the oldest and the new workers. Thus, it encourages the establishment of a good relationship between them and facilitates the integration of new employees. As a result, each actor plays their role perfectly and there is no obstacle at any stage of the system.

Make an integration journey

The integration process is a step that is important not to neglect. It is part of the activities to be carried out on the first day. It allows a real immersion of the new employee in the company. During this journey, the new recruit takes a guided tour of the company. They observe each service or entity to understand its importance. This visit is also an opportunity to enable them to get to know the members and chiefs of each entity. This step is very important in the employee onboarding process.

The successful integration of an employee holds an important place among the essential tools to federate a team in a company.

Organize an arrival drink

The arrival drink is an opportunity to create bonds between the new recruit and the team members. It’s an entertaining time when the pressure of work subsides. So everyone is in a good mood. During this arrival drink, you can let the newcomer introduce themself, talk about their passions and find common interests with other workers. The atmosphere is less heavy than during working hours, so it will facilitate the integration of the new employee.

When workers find common interests, it is easier to build relationships that will make their collaboration more fruitful. Do not hesitate to encourage this kind of proximity, because it will be a source of understanding and cohesion within the company. Cohesion within a team is very important. This is why it is crucial to know the steps to follow for team cohesion.

Use internal communication tools

To facilitate onboarding, you can use the communication tools that your company already has. For example, it could be a blog or a working group on a social network where you will talk about the newcomer and invite them to introduce themself. Thus, they will feel honored and will be in the best shape to prove their worth and to live up to the honor you do them by accepting them into your ranks. Internal communication tools are excellent ways to weld a work team in a company. They make it possible to listen to employees and create a certain proximity between you and them.

Follow the evolution of the newcomer during their integration and after

In general, the new employee is subject to a fixed-term probationary period. When it proves conclusive, they can sign a contract to integrate the company. During their first months of service, it is important to accompany them constantly, to answer all their questions and to help them find their place within the team. The sponsor is your best ally for this task.

It is advisable to make a point every week to monitor the evolution and adaptation of the newcomer. This will be an opportunity to identify the problems they have encountered and find interesting strategies to get around them. Eventually, you can conduct an employee satisfaction survey to get their opinion. This will give you a clear idea of their perception of the work they have done.

Celebrate the end of the trial period

There are different ways to motivate an employee: bonuses, trophies and relaxing moments. The probationary period is quite stressful for the worker because they know that all their actions are being observed. When they passes their period brilliantly, you can organize a small gathering so that they release all the stress and start their new period of work with more enthusiasm. The employee onboarding process ends there. It is then up to you to federate the team in order to obtain the best results.


What are the steps to follow to succeed in the onboarding process of a new employee?

  • Announce the arrival internally so that employees prepare to welcome the new recruit.
  • Prepare the workstation by providing an operational and equipped space.
  • Compose a welcome kit with information about the company and its rules.
  • Set up a mentoring system to facilitate adaptation and understanding of how the business operates.
  • Organize an integration process for a real immersion of the new employee.
  • Organize a finish drink to create links with the existing team.
  • Use internal communication tools to facilitate integration.
  • Follow the evolution of the newcomer during their integration and after, in particular by carrying out a satisfaction survey.
  • Celebrate the end of the trial period to motivate the employee and strengthen team spirit.

Why is it important to successfully integrate a new employee into the company?

The success of the onboarding process for a new employee is essential for several reasons. First of all, it allows the employee to feel welcomed and accepted, which promotes their motivation and commitment. A good onboarding process also makes it easier to understand the workings of the company, thus accelerating the newcomer’s upskilling. In addition, an environment conducive to integration creates links between team members, thus promoting greater cohesion and collaboration. Finally, a successful integration helps retain talent and make them more efficient within the company.

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