Highlight your employer brand with verified employee reviews

Harness the power of authentic employee experiences to enhance your employer brand reputation. Review.jobs enables you to showcase verified testimonials on your company profile, website, and social media, attracting top talent and building trust with potential candidates.

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Public employer profile

Establish a strong online presence and build trust with potential candidates through your dedicated Review.jobs company page. Showcase authentic employee reviews, highlight your company culture, and demonstrate transparency to attract top talent. Your public employer profile serves as a powerful tool to enhance your employer brand reputation.

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Website integration

Seamlessly integrate employee testimonials into your company website and career pages using Review.jobs’ API. By prominently featuring authentic reviews, you can provide potential candidates with valuable insights into your workplace culture and employee experiences. This integration helps you build credibility and differentiate your organization from competitors.

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Social media sharing

Maximize the reach of positive employee feedback by sharing testimonials on your social media channels. Review.jobs makes it easy to showcase authentic reviews across various platforms, expanding your employer brand’s visibility and attracting a wider pool of talented candidates. Leverage the power of social proof to strengthen your employer brand and engage with your target audience.

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Showcase reviews

Our APIs and integrations allow you to display the collected reviews on your recruitment space, thereby improving the performance of your employer brand. They also enable the integration of collected data into your Human Resources Information System or any other CRM.

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Elevate your employer brand with authentic testimonials

Stand out in a competitive job market by showcasing verified employee reviews that highlight your company's unique strengths and values. Start leveraging the power of authentic testimonials to attract top talent and enhance your employer brand reputation.

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Showcase reviews FAQ


Highlighting positive employee reviews enhances your employer brand, attracts top talent, and boosts employee morale. Authentic testimonials demonstrate your commitment to a positive work environment.


Yes, besides the default showcased reviews, you can add a description of your company, business contact details, and frequently asked questions. Additionally, you can customize how your company profile appears on search engines, ensuring it accurately reflects your brand and attracts potential candidates.


Absolutely, you can use our API and widgets to seamlessly integrate employee testimonials into your website and career pages, enhancing your online presence and attracting potential candidates.