Streamline your review management process

Say goodbye to the chaos of scattered employee feedback. offers a centralized platform that simplifies review management, allowing you to efficiently moderate, analyze, and respond to reviews in one place.

Simplify review management

Centralized dashboard provides a user-friendly and intuitive dashboard that streamlines your review management process. Easily moderate reviews, generate insightful reports, organize feedback with custom labels, and track employee satisfaction metrics all in one place. Our centralized platform empowers you to efficiently manage employee feedback and make data-driven decisions.

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Seamless communication

Engage with your employees effortlessly through’ communication features. Request reviews directly from employees via email and leverage our platform for anonymous feedback collection. Our streamlined communication tools ensure that you can easily reach out to your team members and encourage them to share their valuable insights.

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Automation & efficiency

Save time and enhance productivity with’ automation capabilities. Our platform offers automatic review moderation, customizable response templates, and FAQ functionalities to streamline your workflows. By automating repetitive tasks, you can focus on analyzing feedback, addressing concerns, and implementing impactful changes within your organization.

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Manage your employee reviews

Take control of your employee reviews with Review Jobs. Our all-in-one platform streamlines the process of collecting, moderating, and publishing employee feedback, making it easier than ever to understand and improve your employee experience.

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Take control of your employee feedback

Eliminate the hassle of scattered reviews and embrace a more efficient approach to review management. Join and experience the benefits of a centralized platform that simplifies the process of collecting, managing, and analyzing employee feedback.

Manage reviews

Manage reviews FAQ


To manage your company reviews, log into your manager account and navigate your reviews inbox. Use the intuitive dashboard to track, respond to, and analyze employee feedback. is a centralized platform that helps you efficiently address concerns, celebrate successes, and make data-driven decisions.


Yes, you can engage directly with your employees by responding to their reviews. This shows your commitment to their feedback and fosters a culture of open communication.


There are several tools available on our platform that can help you manage reviews effectively including automated notifications, review moderation, customizable response templates, and detailed analytics to streamline your review management process.