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Positive employee reviews can significantly enhance your employer brand's online reputation, making it more appealing and reliable to potential candidates. Showcase your satisfied employees' feedback to attract top talent and stand out from the competition.

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Embrace employee review as a valuable source of information to improve your HR practices and promote employee well-being. Use the insights gained from reviews to make necessary changes, strengthen your employer brand, and increase employee productivity.

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Leverage our powerful tools and strategic partnerships to maximize the reach of your employee reviews online. Connect with a larger audience and increase your chances of finding the perfect hires for your company, ensuring a strong and talented workforce.

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Review.jobs is the ultimate choice for businesses seeking an ISO-certified «Review Management» platform. With our cutting-edge technology, we ensure complete transparency throughout the entire process of collecting, moderating, and publishing reviews, giving candidates a trustworthy and reliable experience. Our commitment to adhering to international standards guarantees that your organization maintains the highest level of integrity and credibility.


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Harness the power of authentic employee reviews to take your employer brand to new heights. Positive reviews can strengthen employee loyalty, attract top candidates, and amplify your brand's culture and values.

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An employee review platform is an online space where employees can share their experiences working for a company. For companies, it provides valuable feedback, measures satisfaction, manages reputation, and improves HR practices.


Review moderation is crucial for maintaining the integrity and quality of employee reviews. It involves monitoring and controlling content to ensure it adheres to established rules and guidelines. Here are key aspects of review moderation:

Legitimacy Check: Reviews undergo examination to verify authenticity and identify any manipulation or fake reviews.

Compliance with Rules: Moderation enforces rules against offensive, defamatory, spam, or any non-compliant content.

Balance and Neutrality: Reviews are evaluated impartially, regardless of their positivity or negativity, based on predefined criteria.

Privacy Protection: Employee privacy is prioritized, and sensitive personal information is not publicly shared.

Responsiveness: Regular and timely review moderation ensures a smooth user experience and demonstrates that opinions are valued.

Transparent Communication: Users are informed of moderation policies and reasons for review moderation or rejection, fostering trust.

Effective review moderation maintains integrity, delivers a reliable user experience, and safeguards corporate reputation. It creates a trustworthy environment for employees to actively participate in sharing their reviews.


An employee review management solution empowers companies to leverage employee reviews for brand reputation enhancement, talent retention, and strong employee relationships, ultimately driving growth and satisfaction.


To choose the right employee review management platform, consider these key factors:

Features: Identify essential features you need.

Integration: Check for seamless integration with existing systems.

Customization: Ensure options to reflect your corporate identity.

Ease of use: Look for a user-friendly interface.

Reliability and security: Verify data protection measures.

Data analysis: Seek advanced analytics capabilities.

Customer support: Confirm responsive support availability.

Platform's reputation: Research user satisfaction and reviews.

Cost: Compare pricing plans against features and benefits.

Considering these factors will help you select a suitable review management platform that maximizes customer feedback for your business.


Employee reviews are assessments or comments provided by employees about their experience with a company. These reviews can be positive, negative, or neutral and are typically shared online on platforms like review sites, forums, social networks, or the company's own website. Employee reviews can come in various formats, including written comments, rating stars, scale ratings, or even photos and videos.

Companies can collect employee reviews through methods such as internal job satisfaction surveys, social media accounts, specialized review platforms like Indeed or Glassdoor, or search engine results like Google.


Collecting employee reviews is essential for your company for several reasons:

Trustworthiness: Authentic employee reviews build trust with prospective candidates, who often rely on these testimonials to gauge the true work environment rather than just promotional campaigns.

Informed decision-making: Employee reviews provide valuable insights for candidates considering a job offer. By reading about others' experiences, they can make informed decisions about the quality of work life and company culture

Feedback for improvement: Negative reviews present opportunities for learning and growth. They help companies identify areas that need improvement and develop action plans to enhance the quality of work life.

Credibility and attraction: A company with positive reviews enhances its credibility among current employees and attracts a larger pool of job applicants. Employee reviews contribute to expanding the talent pool.

Commitment and loyalty: By responding to reviews, a company demonstrates that it values employee opinions and cares about their job satisfaction. This fosters employee loyalty and increases retention rates.

Transparency: Allowing employees to share reviews showcases transparency and openness to feedback, bolstering the company's credibility among both current employees and potential candidates.

By embracing employee reviews, your company can gain valuable insights, build trust, and foster a positive work environment.


Employee reviews are beneficial for your employer brand reputation due to several reasons including but not limited to:

Social proof: Reviews act as social proof, demonstrating that employees have had a positive experience working for your company. This influences candidates by showing employee satisfaction.

Market differentiation: Positive reviews set you apart from competitors, showcasing your company as a great place to work in a competitive market.

Visibility and reputation: Employee reviews increase visibility and enhance your online reputation. They attract potential candidates and encourage employees to recommend your company, generating positive word-of-mouth.

Employee loyalty: Involving employees in the review process strengthens their commitment and loyalty. Addressing reviews, positive or negative, shows that you value employee feedback and care about job satisfaction, building trust and loyalty.


Writing an employee review that is helpful and informative can assist candidates in making informed decisions. Here are some tips to creating an effective employee review:

Choose a relevant title: Summarize your experience in a concise title like "Positive Work Environment" or "Lacking Employee Benefits."

Describe your overall experience: Briefly explain why you chose to work for the company.

Detail the positives: List specific points you appreciate, such as office ergonomics, employee benefits, and PTO.

Address areas for improvement: Provide constructive feedback without excessive negativity, remaining honest.

Make objective comparisons: If you've worked elsewhere, offer comparisons to help readers understand pros and cons.

Be specific: Support your points with concrete examples for credibility and usefulness.

Avoid generalizations: Explain why you consider it a good work environment instead of using vague statements.

Use clear and concise language: Keep it straightforward unless technical terms are necessary for the audience.

Stay honest: Be transparent about motivations and real experiences for sincere reviews.

End with a conclusion: Summarize your overall impressions and indicate if you recommend working for the company.

Rate your experience: If allowed, provide a numerical rating or evaluation.

Protect personal information: Avoid sharing unless relevant to the experience.

Proofread and edit: Check for spelling and grammar errors before posting.

Follow these tips to write an engaging and informative employee review that helps others make informed decisions.


Finding employee reviews can be done through various platforms, including:

Company websites: Businesses typically have an "Employee Reviews" section on their website, featuring testimonials from employees.

Specialized review platforms: Dedicated review platforms like Review.jobs offer a specific focus on employee reviews.

Social media: Many companies maintain pages or accounts on social media platforms where employees can openly share their experiences and provide reviews.

Online forums: Industry-specific forums and discussion boards often host conversations where experienced professionals share their insights and employee reviews.