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Review.jobs simplifies the process of gathering authentic feedback, enabling you to gain valuable insights into your company culture and drive positive change.

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Guaranteed anonymity

We understand the importance of anonymity in fostering honest and open feedback. Review.jobs prioritizes employee privacy by providing secure feedback requests and anonymous review submissions. By creating a safe environment where employees feel comfortable sharing their experiences, you can gather genuine insights that accurately reflect your company culture.

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Collect from anywhere

Review Jobs integrations help you collect reviews from several third party platforms and manage them all in one place.

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Focus on authenticity

At Review.jobs, we believe that authentic feedback is the key to driving meaningful change. Our platform emphasizes genuine employee insights, ensuring the integrity and value of the collected data. By focusing on authenticity, you can trust that the feedback you receive accurately represents your employees’ experiences and enables you to make informed decisions for your organization.

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Diverse collection methods

At Review.jobs, we offer a range of effective methods to gather employee feedback. Utilize our employee satisfaction surveys, custom review collection surveys, and seamless API integrations to capture valuable insights from your team members. Our platform ensures that you have the tools necessary to collect feedback that truly represents your workforce.

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Discover the power of authentic employee feedback and create a workplace that listens, engages, and thrives. Collect genuine reviews and watch your employer brand excel.

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Collect reviews FAQ


To collect reviews from your employees, you can use email invitations, QR codes, and direct links. You can also integrate it with your HR systems to automate the review collection process, making it easy and efficient.


Yes, our platform ensures anonymity and security, encouraging honest and open feedback from your employees.


To encourage your employees to review your company, you can either promote the platform through internal communications and assure them that the process is straightforward and anonymous.You can also highlight the importance of their feedback in improving the workplace.