How can employees contribute to improving the company’s image?

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How can employees contribute to improving the company’s image?

The corporate image is the overall perception that the public has of a given structure. It therefore concerns the graphic and visual identity of the brand, but also its marketing and communication strategy and the different values it conveys.

That said, involving your employees in your brand’s branding strategy can be the key to success, both with your customers and future talent to be recruited. Indeed, the more an employee speaks positively about their company, the more it gains in esteem among the public.

How to build your corporate image? What is the role of employees in enhancing the image of a brand? What are the actions to be taken to make its employees effective ambassadors of the company’s image?

What are the steps to follow to build the company’s image?

Any project to create or strengthen its brand image begins with an analysis of what already exists. This is to refine the company’s core values, mission, products, etc.

Then come the practical steps relating to visual identity and communication.

Perform a diagnostic analysis of your brand

To carry out this task, the marketing team must interview both the managers and the customers or consumers of the brand. It must also take the opinion of employees, because their opinion of the company they work for can reveal both strengths and shortcomings.

Here are some questions that can be asked to make a preliminary point:

  • What is the history of the company? What is the highlight of its creation? ;
  • What are the company’s values, mission and vision?
  • What does the company sell? What are the characteristics of its services or products? ;
  • What are the particularities of the company’s products or services?
  • What distinguishes the company from its competitors?
  • What need does the company meet?
  • What are the needs or expectations of the brand’s customers?
  • Who are the brand’s competitors? How do they manage to satisfy their customers and what differentiates them?
  • Etc.

The questionnaire for collecting information for the image of the company can be anonymous.

Apart from questions relating to the company’s history, all others can be broadcast on the company’s social networks. Employees can also relay the questionnaire on their respective profiles.

Once the information is available, it must be analysed and then clearly recorded. They will serve as a basis for defining the message that the company’s image must convey.

Define your brand message

The brand message is the main idea that the company wants to share with its audience and everyone who interacts with them. It is the answer to the following question: “What do we need to say to the public so that they have confidence and want to buy their products or services?”

Depending on the answer, the marketing team will be able to:

  • Find the ideal tone to communicate with the target audience;
  • Define the keywords around which the message should be articulated;
  • Clarify the editorial line to follow for communication around the brand;
  • Create the brand slogan;
  • Create high value-added content.

Create visual aids and define communication channels

At this level, the marketing department can solicit graphic designers or other professionals specialized in the creation of the company’s image. They will help produce the visual aids that are:

  • The logo;
  • Colors;
  • Iconography, i.e. drawings, illustrations or associated images;
  • Typography.

All these elements must be in accordance with the company’s graphic charter and its values. They will be disseminated on all communication channels that are:

  • Profiles, pages or groups on social networks;
  • The e-mailing, the showcase site, the commercial site, the recruitment platform;
  • The different marketing and advertising media such as gadgets, posters, banner ads, etc.

The choice of communication channels around the company’s image must be made according to the target audience.

The role of employees in enhancing a brand identity

Employees can promote their company’s brand in two distinct ways. First, they can work for a good brand image in general, and secondly, they can be focused on enhancing the employer brand.

The enhancement of brand identity by employees

Overall, it is for the employee ambassador to use the products or services of their employer brand outside the professional context. They will therefore use it for personal or private use, in the presence of their relatives or members of their virtual networks.

This is a paid method that major brands such as Apple or Nike regularly use, because it allows employees to:

  • Share with their relatives and networks the advantages of the brand’s products;
  • Collect the expectations and opinions of consumers from their networks on the products of their employer brand;
  • Convey the brand message efficiently and gain the trust of more prospects.

Enhancing the employer brand

Employees are the best ambassadors of the company’s image. By sharing their professional experiences on social networks and with their loved ones, they communicate the company’s values and make them want to join.

For example, employees can share:

  • Their opinions on the company in general, via a platform provided for this purpose;
  • Moments of conviviality between colleagues, in particular afterwork sequences;
  • The key moments of their working day and the atmosphere that reigns in the premises;
  • Some anecdotes about their professional life within the company.

HR managers should ensure that they respond to employee feedback as they are registered and take into account their various suggestions. This can build trust, increase attractiveness and limit company turnover.

How to make your employees brand ambassadors

All employees of a company can be ambassadors of the company’s image, but it is not an obligation for them. The employer must give them the choice.

In general, employees are easily willing to promote their employer brand when they are happy and valued within the structure.

Share the company’s culture with its employees

Sharing the company’s culture means ensuring that employees have a thorough grasp of the company’s values. These communications may be made during:

  • Team building moments;
  • Afterworks;
  • Meetings to define the company’s annual objectives.

During these moments, employees can express themselves freely on the life of the company, on their perception of the brand or on more sensitive topics such as the issue of teleworking.

It is a way to bond a work team and federate its employees around a common ideal.

Train employees in branding

The other important step in the proper management of the company’s image is to train employees in communication on social networks. The training will be used to:

  • Master the art of storytelling and the rules of publication on social networks such as Instagram, LinkedIn or Facebook;
  • Ensure good communication around the corporate image;
  • Ensure compliance with the editorial charter when publishing on social networks.

In the end, it is advantageous to turn your employees into ambassadors. This strategy makes it possible to have a good brand image, both with customers and potential candidates. To achieve this, it is already necessary to ensure that the image of the company is well built.

Then, employees must have the required training and master the company’s values in order to carry out their mission as ambassadors on the networks and with their entourage.

Finally, it is necessary to continue a permanent watch and collect the opinion of employees via a dedicated platform.

Calling on an expert guarantees the success of the initiative and makes it possible to respond effectively to the expectations of employees who, for their part, will be able to better enhance the image of the company.

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What are the steps to follow to build the company’s image?

To build the image of the company, it is essential to start with a thorough diagnostic analysis. This step involves interviewing managers, customers, and employees to define the fundamental values, mission, and particularities of the company. Next, you have to define the brand message, which is the main idea to communicate to the public. Once the message is defined, the marketing team must create visual aids such as logo, colors, and iconography, in accordance with the company’s graphic charter. Finally, choose the appropriate communication channels to disseminate the message and visual materials to the target audience.

What is the role of employees in enhancing the company’s brand image?

Employees play a vital role in enhancing the company’s brand image. As brand ambassadors, they can positively promote the company by using its products or services in their personal lives and sharing their professional experiences on social media. This helps create a good brand image with the public and attracts potential talent to join the company. For this, employees must be trained in communication on social networks and master the values of the company in order to effectively convey its image.

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