Employee ambassador: What interest for the employer brand?

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Employee ambassador: What interest for the employer brand?

As employees are the main players in companies, the latter have a lot to gain in their employer brand image. That is why it is in the interest of companies to adopt a good employee ambassador strategy.

By making its employees employee ambassadors, a company can increase its chances of attracting and recruiting new talent. In this era of war for talent, relying on your employees to enhance your employer brand can make a big difference.

This article presents the interest for the employer brand of a company to use an employee ambassador.

What is an employee ambassador?

The expression employee ambassador or employee advocacy, is used to designate an employee who strives to promote in their entourage, the image of the company in which they work.

It can be their family, their friends and all the people who may be, directly or indirectly, interested in their professional activity or the structure in which they evolve.

The employees of a company are naturally the people who know it best. As a result, the testimony of their experience is much more credible with people outside the structure.

In addition, this testimony can also have more scope today, thanks to the existence of social networks and other digital means of communication.

An eloquent example of the employee ambassador phenomenon is that of ready-to-wear employees who, even outside their working hours, dress in outfits sold by the brand.

Beyond praising their company’s products, this attitude gives value to their company’s employer brand by testifying in part to the quality of life they enjoy at work.

Employee ambassadors are therefore effective vectors to make a company known. In other words, they are the showcase of its employer brand.

Employee ambassador: A valuable asset for the employer brand

The benefits of employee ambassadors for a company are numerous.

Increased visibility

One of the missions of the employee ambassador is to talk about the company, especially on the web and on social networks. In this way, they contribute to the development of the e-reputation of the company.

The first advantage of this is undoubtedly a gain in online visibility. Indeed, profiles to which the company did not have access can now discover its news. It thus reaches a new audience and increases the reach of its employer brand.

Gain credibility and authenticity

Faced with two equal job offers in terms of conditions, there is more chance that the candidate will choose the one proposed by the company with the best opinions from its employees.

This shows that people tend to give more importance to employee opinions rather than companies’ marketing speeches.

Moreover, candidates for recruitment consult an average of 6 employee opinions to first form an opinion on the structure in which they plan to apply.

When the employee ambassador speaks positively about the company, they reinforce the commitment around the employer brand of the company. It gives candidates more confidence and encourages them to apply without hesitation.

Everyone wants to work in a company where employees are happy to the point of praising its merits in public. To strengthen the employer brand, the implementation of an ambassador program is therefore of great interest.

How to make your employees your first ambassadors?

For the speech of an employee ambassador to have more weight, they must not be forced to do so. It is then up to the company to develop a good methodology for recruiting an employee ambassador. To this end, it may implement various actions.

Making your employees happy

For an employee to want to talk about a company, it is important that they are treated well. And knowing that humans tend to keep negative elements more easily than positive ones, you have to make employees feel really good at work.

Thus, they themselves will have the will to promote the company. To do this, it is essential to establish a good quality of life at work (QWL).

Particular attention must be paid to the work environment in order to promote the well-being of employees. To achieve this, the company can, among other things:

  • Arrange workspaces to make them more pleasant;
  • Install spaces for the break (rest room, canteen room, games room, etc.);
  • Propose better management of working time.

It can also, for example, give them the opportunity to work from home from time to time, entrust them with rewarding tasks and introduce an innovative leave policy.

These are all actions that can make an employee happy and make them an employee ambassador for their company.

Highlight your employees

It is important to know that everything is really just a question of reciprocity. To convert its employees into ambassadors so that they can show their pride in working for the company, it is necessary that the leaders of the latter show them that they are proud of their work.

It is important to show them that they have value and that their commitment has a huge impact. Do not hesitate to highlight them by talking about them on social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) or by dedicating a focus on the company’s blog.

This will also contribute to their loyalty in order to reduce the company’s turnover.

Involve your employees

To have employee ambassadors, you must first trust your employees, then involve them in the company’s activities. They must be shown that they are essential to the proper functioning of the company by giving them important responsibilities.

Involving them in the process of recruiting new employees, for example, is a good way to do this. For more involvement, it is also necessary to provide them with all the information about the brand (history, values, vision, etc.) and provide them with the tools they will need.

Give a voice to your employees

To facilitate the implementation of your employee ambassador strategy, it is important to offer your employees the opportunity and adequate space to express themselves and really say what they think of the company.

If they have a blog, they can write content about the company. They can also have an account on social networks to talk about the company or leave a review on it. It should be mentioned that it is important for a company to always respond to the opinions of employees.

In short, setting up a good employee ambassador strategy is important to reach more potential candidates and enhance your employer brand.

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What is an employee ambassador and why is it important for a company to have one?

An employee ambassador is an employee who promotes the image of their company to their entourage, including family, friends and other people potentially interested in their professional activity or the company in which they work. They are the showcase of the company’s employer brand. Having employee ambassadors is essential because they help increase the company’s visibility online, strengthen the credibility and authenticity of its employer brand, and play a crucial role in attracting new talent by sharing their positive experience within the company.

How can a company turn its employees into ambassadors to improve its employer brand?

To make its employees ambassadors, the company must put in place a good methodology. First, it must create a supportive work environment and quality of life at work (QWL) to make its employees happy and eager to promote the company. It must highlight its employees by valuing them on social networks and blogs of the company. Involving employees in the company’s activities and entrusting them with responsibilities reinforces their commitment. Finally, giving employees a voice and responding to their opinions is essential for a successful employee ambassador strategy.

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