E-recruitment in companies: The advantages and challenges

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E-recruitment in companies: The advantages and challenges

The digitalization of the recruitment process, also known as e-recruitment, brings many benefits to companies.

Between the undeniable time savings, the achievement of savings, or the constitution of a bank of quality CVs, this process offers many advantages for organizations.

Under the responsibility of the Human Resources department, implementing an online recruitment process is generally simple and fast. Here’s what you need to know about e-recruitment, its benefits, challenges, as well as new online recruitment methods.

What is e-recruitment and what are its challenges?

In the era of the emergence of digital and new technologies, the field of recruitment has not been an exception to the rule and has seen its sector take this popular turn. The notion of e-recruitment had thus made its entry into the business world.

Before discussing the benefits of e-recruitment as well as the different online recruitment methods used by companies, it is necessary to understand what this term means and to understand its challenges.

Definition of e-recruitment

Also called “online recruitment” or “digital recruitment”, e-recruitment refers to the dematerialization of the hiring process thanks to the use of the Internet in particular.

This new hiring method is essentially based on the use of recruitment digitization tools to facilitate and accelerate the process.

More concretely, hiring via the Internet consists of companies to:

  • Post job offers online;
  • Search for profiles;
  • Receive and process applications via digital platforms;
  • Evaluate applications remotely (online tests, CV libraries, etc.).

This process also involves managing online interviews.

The challenges of recruitment

The challenges of recruitment on the Internet are essentially based on three main elements, namely:

  • Mastery of digital channels;
  • Improving the visibility of the company on the Internet;
  • The maintenance of its employer brand.

E-recruitment has become one of the best channels to find candidates and access the best talent in a fast, efficient, and inexpensive way. As a Human Resources manager, it is therefore essential to master the different digital channels to be able to take advantage of this new recruitment method.

This involves training HR managers in the management and use of these new recruitment tools. The use of digital tools is also an excellent way to stand out from other companies. Among other things, they improve your visibility among young talents in the world of employment.

Finally, the recruiter must know how to showcase themselves and send positive signals about their company to attract the best profiles. They must therefore be able to take care of their employer brand.

E-recruitment: The advantages of this new hiring method

E-recruitment has many advantages for the company. Here are a few that should motivate you to integrate e-recruitment into your recruitment strategies.

A shorter hiring process

Whether carried out online or conventionally, a recruitment procedure involves several steps. Between the dissemination of job offers and the selection of future employees, a lot of time can pass, especially if the company opts for the classic recruitment method.

On the other hand, one of the main advantages of e-recruitment is that it allows the company to save time, thanks to the use of adapted and efficient tools.

Thanks to the use of digital tools, it usually only takes a few minutes to create and distribute a job offer and as much to receive the first applications. With hiring on the Internet, the company has access to the CVs of all candidates from the minute they apply for an offer. This explains the speed of this process.

A more cost-effective recruitment process

When it comes to hiring online, saving time inevitably translates into money. By opting for online recruitment, you no longer have to expect any mail costs.

In addition, most job posting platforms are free or very attractive to use. This minimizes the costs associated with publishing your job offers.

On the other hand, the costs related to the processing of applications are greatly reduced, because e-recruitment mainly uses digital tools capable of automating many tasks.

No need to hire or pay staff to sort and select applications. The online recruitment software takes care of everything.

E-recruitment: a way to develop your online presence

Professional hiring platforms and social networks play an important role in business development. To make a place of choice in its sector of activity, it is more than necessary to develop its presence on these main networks.

For example, by creating a company listing on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, it is possible to greatly improve its visibility.

By sharing the company’s history and values on professional sites, it is quickly identifiable by Internet users who adhere more easily to its culture. This then increases its chances of attracting new employees.

A company can also advertise its job offers on its website to attract new talent. For this, it will be necessary to take care of the design of the site. Navigating the site should also be simple, fast, and intuitive.

In addition, employee reviews are also a way to develop your online presence as part of a recruitment strategy.

Indeed, according to a 2020 study by Glassdoor, 55% of job seekers withdraw their applications if they discover negative opinions left by employees about the structures they are interested in. Similarly, they are motivated to apply if the reviews are positive.

The right idea for a company would therefore be to make sure to take care of its employees and allow them to leave opinions about its management on a trusted platform of employee reviews.

The constitution of a bank of qualified CVs

The other advantage of e-hiring is that it allows you to receive many applications. The choice of the company will focus on the most appropriate profile according to its objectives.

Nevertheless, this does not prevent it from retaining the remaining applications and building a solid and permanent recruitment base, in line with the constraints imposed by the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

Thanks to its CV bank, the company has quick access to a large number of profiles for its next hires. HR departments will simply have to check from time to time that this talent pool is always on the lookout for a professional opportunity.

New e-recruitment methods

HR managers can use different methods to recruit candidates online.

They have the choice between new methods such as video interviewing, the simulation hiring method, or recruitment by skill.

Recruitment by skill: an innovative method

New recruitment methods include skill-based recruitment: an innovative method that assesses candidates’ skills, talents, and behavioral and technical competencies.

Increasingly used by companies, it consists of identifying and then evaluating the concrete abilities of candidates by taking into account specific needs related to the workplace.

Recruitment by skill allows a better match between the expectations of the company and the potential of the future employee. An employer looking for a manager could, for example, set their sights on candidates who have already demonstrated communication, leadership, or problem-solving skills.

The Simulation Recruitment Method (SRM)

Developed by Pôle Emploi, the simulation recruitment method consists of assessing the skills needed for a position thanks in particular to practical and concrete scenarios.

This technique makes it possible to get rid of the CV and rely only on the real skills of potential candidates. Candidates are thus confronted with cases similar to those they might encounter in their future employment.

This approach, which is intended to be non-discriminatory, allows the employer to accurately analyze the performance of candidates by taking into account their technical and behavioral skills.

Delayed video interview

The job interview is one of the key steps in the recruitment process. To succeed in your recruitment campaign, it is indeed important that the interviews take place in the best way.

One way to do this is to conduct interviews by video record. Faster and more convenient, the delayed video interview consists of sending an online questionnaire to the candidate who must answer it in front of a camera and in a limited time.

The other objective of this new recruitment method is to observe the body language of candidates. This method makes it possible to go beyond the routine framework of individual interviews and to give all candidates a fair chance. It also saves valuable time and conveys a modern and digitized image of the company.

To use these different methods with ease, the recruiter must possess technical skills and personal qualities. Among the qualities of a good recruiter, we can mention mastery of communication, listening, versatility, competitive spirit, and professional curiosity.

To facilitate the recruitment process, the Human Resources professional will have to master the different tools of e-recruitment to truly enjoy its benefits.

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