Successful recruitment campaign: How to do it?

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Successful recruitment campaign: How to do it?

Succeeding in a recruitment campaign is a key issue for the development of a company. This appears to be a necessity since it is important for companies to have excellent employees.

That said, achieving a successful recruitment campaign requires specific actions and specific elements to be taken into account. This is especially true as the labour market has become tight and competitive.

This article presents some tips that can help any recruiter put together effective strategies for a successful recruitment campaign.

Clearly identify the position to be filled

Although this advice may seem obvious, it is still essential for the success of an original recruitment campaign. Indeed, for a potential candidate to have a sufficiently clear vision of the position to be filled, it must be the same for the recruiter.

The first point in the preparation of a recruitment will therefore be to describe in detail, the characteristics of the position to be filled in order to be sure to find the right candidate. All this information must be used to produce a job description supposed to mention:

  • The main missions of the future employee;
  • Their daily tasks;
  • Their responsibilities;
  • The positioning of their position;
  • Its links with other services;
  • Working conditions;
  • The possible difficulties of the position to be occupied.

The recruiter can go further by drawing up a table listing the essential, important and complementary skills of the ideal candidate, as well as their knowledge, know-how and interpersonal skills.

The goal to look for at this stage of the process is to be as precise as possible. The recruiter can therefore list all the criteria they deems necessary for the position such as the availability of the candidate, they geographical mobility, the possession or not of a driver’s license and many other points.

Define your target

Defining the target is also one of the essential steps for a successful recruitment campaign.

This is for the recruiter to determine the target they wish to enroll taking into account the criteria they will have defined during the development of the job description.

Each position is distinct because of its characteristics, it will be useful for the recruiter to create a persona of the candidate they want to hire. The exercise consists in representing a fictitious person with the necessary characteristics to occupy the position to be filled.

In this way, the recruiter will be able to better understand the persona and have useful elements to develop an adapted recruitment campaign plan.

The creation of a persona not only makes it easier for the recruiter to assess the expectations of their target, but also to communicate with the latter.

In fact, the recruiter will, thanks to the realization of a persona, be able to know the types of media on which their targets are present and, in this way, better communicate with them. This may include:

  • Job boards or job boards;
  • Target schools;
  • Social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora, Plaxo, Viadeo, Xing, etc.).

Regardless of the medium used, it is important for the recruiter to find the appropriate type of speech in order to quickly attract the most qualified candidates.

Being more and more volatile, they need to be seduced. The recruiter must therefore be able to convince them. The success of their campaign depends greatly on it.

Write the job offer

Once the position to be filled and the profile sought are clearly defined, it is necessary to proceed to the drafting of the job offer. Not only must it be attractive, but above all it must attract the best talents and make them want to apply immediately.

Whether for a work-study recruitment campaign or any other type of campaign, the job offer must be complete and precise. When it is not an internal recruitment, it must mention all the information useful to potential candidates, namely:

  • The presentation of the company, its sector of activity, its geographical location;
  • The general missions of the position to be filled;
  • The soft skills or personal aptitudes sought in the candidates;
  • The nature of the contract;
  • Working hours;
  • The workplace;
  • A description of the work environment.

A job offer that includes all this information will have a greater chance of attracting people with the right profile for the position offered. It is important that it be drafted in such a way as to give the candidates concerned a clear idea of their ability to occupy the position to which they will be assigned.

Advertise the job offer

The dissemination of the job offer is an essential step in a recruitment campaign. It aims to achieve the ideal candidate for the position to be filled. There are now several channels, each as effective as the next, to advertise a job offer.

Social media

Today, social networks are an excellent channel for disseminating job postings, as nearly 80% of candidates under the age of 35 use them as part of their job search. It is therefore important not to ignore them as part of an external recruitment campaign.

Recruitment websites

There are several online platforms dedicated exclusively to the publication of job offers. Some are generalists, while others are specialized. For a successful campaign, it is up to the teams in charge of human resources to choose the right platforms.

If generalist recruitment sites (Pôle Emploi, Indeed, Monster, Google for Jobs, Meteojob, Keljob, etc.) make it possible to reach a wider audience, they are not the best choice in any recruitment campaign.

Indeed, when a company is looking for specific profiles, it is better for it to opt for specialized platforms to advertise its job offer. Thus, it can, for example, choose:

  • Cadremploi or APEC: to share ads for executives;
  • Studentjob, Wizbii, Jobteaser: to publish offers addressed to young candidates;
  • StepStone: to spread job opportunities for salespeople, engineers and technicians.

Other means of advertisement

To succeed in your recruitment campaign, it is important to know that, despite their effectiveness, digital channels are not always the most appropriate for advertising job offers online. Indeed, recruiters also have the possibility to share their recruitment ads via:

  • Recruitment agencies;
  • Forums and fairs;
  • Partnerships with schools;
  • The press.

To make a campaign a success, it is then up to recruiters to choose the appropriate distribution channel taking into account the company’s sector of activity, the recruitment campaign plan and the positions to be filled as well as the profile of the candidates sought.

Perform effective interviews

Once the job offer is posted, the employer may receive several applications. First, they must be sorted based on the previously defined typical profile. This will make it possible to select the best talents and rank them in order of preference.

After this first selection, then comes the interview phase. This is a crucial step on which the success of an internal or external recruitment campaign depends. It is important, at this stage, to ask the candidates the right questions:

  • “Introduce yourself”;
  • “Tell us about your qualities as well as your weaknesses?”;
  • “Why do you want to work for our company?”;
  • “What are your interests?”;
  • “Do you have any other concerns?”;
  • Etc.

For the success of this phase, it is necessary to ensure that the candidate is not uncomfortable and to remain attentive to their speech, posture and motivation.

However, if after the interviews, it is still difficult to decide, it is also possible to subject the candidates to a test that will allow them to decide. Those who are not selected may be added to the pool of candidates created by the company.

Use dedicated software

There are many advantages to using dedicated software. Indeed, the digitalization of recruitment makes it possible, among other things:

  • Automate the end-to-end recruitment process;
  • Add consistency and quality to recruitment;
  • Improve the productivity of the HR team;
  • Save time by reducing workload;
  • Increase the social reach of open positions;
  • Improve recruitment strategies;
  • Streamline data collection;
  • Enable organizations to quickly find the right talent.

But one of the most notable improvements brought by the use of dedicated software is that it is no longer necessary to rely on outdated manual processes.

Monitor the recruitment campaign

Above all, it should be noted that the success of a recruitment campaign depends not only on the number of candidates who have applied, but also on the follow-up given to it. To achieve good monitoring, there are a number of practices that can be implemented.

Monitor traffic generated by recruitment sources

For a successful campaign, it is important to place traffic tracking at the heart of your strategy. To do this, it is up to the company’s teams to carefully monitor the movements observed on the pages where recruitment advertisements are displayed.

This will make it possible, in the long term, to measure the level of effectiveness of its recruitment campaign and to take the necessary measures to better encourage candidates to complete the recruitment process.

Respond to candidates as you go

Following your recruitment campaign also involves taking an interest in people who apply for job offers. The objective behind this action is to capture the attention of applicants until the finalization of their application.

To do this, it is important to be present where they are too, and highlight the prestige of your employer brand.

Evolve the content of the company’s career site

To ensure the success of your recruitment campaign, you must carry out a long-term follow-up. Before launching, you must ensure that the content of your career site is perfectly adapted to the target that the company wants to reach.

During the campaign, you have to follow the data and continue to offer your targets new and innovative content. At the end of the campaign, it is necessary to carry out an assessment and also collect the opinions of the newly hired employees.

These opinions are very important to the success of an external recruitment campaign in this case. Indeed, potential candidates will be more willing to join a structure whose employees express satisfaction.

This will make it possible to identify what has not worked well in order to evolve its recruitment strategy and optimize its next campaigns.

In short, a recruitment campaign is a process that requires a lot of attention and organization, but with the right advice and practices, it is possible to guarantee its success.

Do you want to succeed in your recruitment campaign?

You could add employee reviews to your recruitment strategy. Indeed, more and more candidates for recruitment take the time to learn more about how the recruiting company treats its employees before applying for its offer.

Custplace is a platform that offers companies to collect the opinions of their employees. To take advantage of it, simply register on the site. You will be entitled to a page where the employees of your company can leave reviews.

As a company, you will also be able to respond to these reviews. These reviews can contribute to the success of your recruitment campaign. Click here to take advantage of this offer now.


What are the key tips for a successful recruitment campaign?

To succeed in a recruitment campaign, it is essential to:

  • Clearly identify the position to be filled by describing in detail the missions, tasks, responsibilities and working conditions.
  • Define the target by creating a persona of the ideal candidate to better understand expectations and communicate effectively.
  • Write an attractive and accurate job posting.
  • Advertise the offer via social networks, recruitment websites, firms, etc.
  • Conduct well-prepared interviews and use dedicated software to facilitate the selection process.
  • Monitor and gather feedback from hired employees to improve future campaigns.

Why have employee reviews become an important part of a recruitment campaign?

Employee reviews have become essential in a recruitment campaign as more and more candidates want to know more about how the company treats its employees before applying. These reviews allow candidates to get a clear picture of employee satisfaction within the company. Integrating employee reviews into your recruitment strategy can therefore attract more qualified candidates, because they will be inclined to join a company where employees express their satisfaction. It also allows the company to gather useful information to optimize its future recruitment campaigns.

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