What are the best ideas to improve your company’s employer brand?

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What are the best ideas to improve your company’s employer brand?

Faced with constant changes in the labor market, companies are working to improve their employer brand. The employer brand represents the image of the company with its employees and future talents.

A strong and consistent employer brand allows the company to exploit its potential, have credibility and impact its sector of activity. However, optimization will be necessary to benefit from the aforementioned advantages.

This involves the execution of a plurality of actions that vary according to the realities of the company. What are these actions and what do they consist of? This article offers 5 interesting ideas for any company that wants to improve its employer brand.

Developing corporate culture

Corporate culture is intimately linked to the employer brand. It reflects the identity of a company and reflects its individuality.

Corporate culture is noticeable in the human resources management of any company looking to improve its employer brand. Developing this culture therefore has a positive impact on employee productivity, efficiency and company awareness.

This action makes it possible to federate and involve employees. To do this, it will be essential to establish a good communication strategy that will allow employees to feel more involved in the life of the company and to work in synergy.

Corporate culture improves the image and attractiveness of the company. It is widely used as a marketing strategy and companies associate it with the quality of their products or services to attract customers and potential recruits.

To successfully improve a company’s employer brand, corporate culture must be based on four interdependent components. These are:

  • Values: they include moral principles (data confidentiality, promotion of the best talent) and ethical principles (respect for the environment, distribution of wealth). They are experienced and shared by employees in professional and private life;
  • History: it explains the company’s journey, its operation, its objectives and its results. It comes from the project of creation of the company, a founding myth or emblematic memories;
  • Operating rules: good collaboration between employees, availability of the managerial team and well-being at work are essential to have a good corporate culture;
  • Objectives: every company has short-, medium- and long-term objectives. These objectives are therefore part of the elements that develop the corporate culture.

Properly defined, corporate culture improves the company’s image and promotes collective success. It is one of the main levers for developing an employer brand.

Listen to your employees

One of the objectives of employer branding is employee loyalty. Since listening is one of the fundamental principles of communication, the human resources management department must develop it.

Good listening promotes the involvement of work teams. Indeed, employees participate more actively in the development of the company when their ideas are taken into account by the hierarchy. They feel more empowered in the success of the company’s activities.

Workers also prefer to manage tensions and conflicts constructively. The feeling of having been listened to can even push former employees of a company to continue to talk well about the company. This can make new people want to join.

Whether active or passive, listening to employees can improve the employer brand. It optimizes internal communication and the productivity of the company. To this end, four tools are recommended:

  • One-off conversation sessions allow managers and the leader to listen to employees;
  • Opinion polls used to determine employee involvement and satisfaction (relations with management, working conditions);
  • Phone or online calls to discuss sensitive issues and gather employees’ opinions on specific topics;
  • Suggestion boxes that are part of collaborative management tools. They make it possible to identify the ideas and suggestions of employees. The ultimate goal of listening is to value the efforts made by workers.

However, using these tools without a good attitude would have no positive effect. Thus, to improve the employer brand, the manager must be open to exchanges with employees. They must create an atmosphere of trust by devoting time to discussions.

This management style advocates a culture of feedback. To understand employees’ feelings, they ask them questions or paraphrase them. Also, they take into account their ideas, opinions, and suggestions while maintaining their authority.

Another tip to listen to employees is to offer them the opportunity to give their opinions on the company when they feel the need. By giving a fundamental place to employee opinions, managers are constantly aware of the needs of their employees.

This gives them the feeling that they are treated with respect and consideration. The resulting advantage is that they are more productive and more likely to say good things about the company around them and to potential future candidates.

In addition, it should be noted that employee reviews also provide the necessary information to identify internal failures. Solutions can then be implemented to improve working practices and conditions, and consequently, the employer brand.

Improving the quality of life at work

The well-being of employees and the establishment of an adequate workspace also improve the employer brand. It must be at the heart of the values that society defends.

Indeed, improving Quality of Life at Work (QWL) reduces the turnover rate and costs related to replacing employees. It also promotes a good atmosphere in the work environment, optimal productivity, and the development of the company.

A company that does not present a good image of the treatment of its employees would see its reputation quickly tarnished.

According to the National Agency for the Improvement of Working Conditions (ANACT), the QWL of employees must be built around six axes:

  • Social relations with colleagues and hierarchy;
  • The content of the work and the means allocated to carry it out;
  • The work environment;
  • Work organization;
  • Work-life balance;
  • Personal achievement at work and career development.

Companies must therefore reconcile social, financial, social, and competitive issues to improve their employer brand.

Improve your image with your future talents

To improve the company’s employer brand with its future talents, it must set up a real external communication plan. The latter must take into account the aspects that are of most interest to potential candidates or job seekers.

Behind the scenes of the company

It would be difficult for a company to get new people on board if it doesn’t make itself known.

To improve its employer brand, the company must start by sending a positive image of itself by sharing its values, and its daily life.

This involves taking a look behind the scenes of the company. This action allows its future best talents to learn about the activities that take place there, but also to discover the working environment and aspects related to the management of human resources of the company.

This business-oriented communication allows job seekers and potential candidates to:

  • Discover the company’s news;
  • To get an idea of the values advocated by the company;
  • To discover the way of life within it;
  • To discover the employees who work there.

This openness of the company to the outside world also allows it to create and intensify the desire for integration among potential candidates who receive its news or who wish to apply during recruitment.

In the production of reports, it will be necessary to interview employees to provide content rich in information. The goal is to show the image of a company concerned about the well-being of its employees in order to confirm the reputation of the company with candidates.

In order to build a large audience, the company must prioritize digital channels. It must be present on the various social networks. These channels will allow the company to create interactions with Internet users and subscribers of its various pages.

The company would also benefit from having a website with regular updates.

Making the recruitment process more attractive

Another way to improve the employer brand is to make the company’s recruitment process more attractive. To achieve this, old recruitment practices must be set aside.

Rather than making available to the public a simple email address for sending application files, it is necessary to create on the site a “Candidate Space”. This is a space that will allow candidates interested in the company to register and receive recruitment notices.

This dedicated space will also allow candidates with an account on the site to apply for the various job offers published by the company.

In order to offer a better candidate experience during recruitment, the company’s website must be easily accessible on different devices (computers, tablets, and smartphones).

In addition, it is necessary to think of a “Career” section on the site that will provide information on the organizational chart of the company. Thus, candidates will have an idea of their professional future and will be more motivated to join the company.

Improving job offers

To improve employer branding, it is important to review traditional job posting writing techniques. For good reason, the latter does not bring added value to recruitment advertisements.

Instead of simply listing the skills sought in the recruitment notice, it is recommended to optimize it by making a brief presentation of the company and highlighting the advantages of working there.

Internal human resources management policies should also be reported. In addition to these various elements, the recruitment advertisement must mention the turnover to testify to the good financial health of the company.

In doing so, the employer brand will be valued. Candidates will be more attracted to the company and will show more interest in it. They will use the elements provided in the job offer to represent the company and imagine their daily life in this environment.

Innovate to improve your employer brand

Candidates are especially looking for companies that are resolutely committed to innovation. They want to join a team where managerial practices are recent and allow employees to flourish in their work environment.

A company looking to improve its employer brand needs to be innovative. It must also be dynamic to have a good reputation with internal employees and future talent.

To do this, it is necessary to create interesting events for the benefit of the staff. The company can:

  • Organize mandatory sports sessions for employees;
  • Organize “Business Discovery” days for young graduates;
  • Offer internship training to young graduates;
  • Organize outdoor recreational outings for staff;
  • Rewarding the best employees.

In addition to entertaining activities, the company needs to put in place other incentives to improve its employer brand. It can raise wage levels, introduce incentives, or be flexible on the taking of leave.

Thus, several ideas can be used to improve a company’s employer brand. These include optimizing the drafting of job offers, improving the recruitment process, and organizing innovative activities.

Improving your company’s employer brand optimizes the company’s image and thus increases its chances of recruiting the best talent.

Do you want to improve your company’s employer brand?

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What are the lines of action to improve a company’s employer brand?

To improve its employer brand, the company must develop its corporate culture by highlighting its values, history, operating rules, and objectives. It must also listen to its employees by using tools such as conversation sessions, opinion polls, and suggestion boxes. Improving the quality of life at work is another crucial aspect of reducing turnover and promoting a good working atmosphere. Finally, making the recruitment process attractive and being innovative are important actions to attract future talent.

How can the company improve its image among its future talents?

To improve its image with its future talents, the company must set up an external communication plan by sharing its values and showing behind the scenes of the company. Making the recruitment process more attractive by creating a “Candidate Area” on the site and presenting the advantages of joining the company is essential. It is also important to write attractive job offers by highlighting the company’s internal policies and turnover. Finally, being innovative and organizing interesting events for staff helps to improve the company’s image.

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