The importance of employee satisfaction surveys in companies

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The importance of employee satisfaction surveys in companies

In the management of a company, employee satisfaction and commitment are a guarantee of success or failure. A company that wants to be successful can never relegate the actors of the company to the background. It is therefore essential to conduct surveys to get feedback from the various employees. More details on this practice here.

Improve customer relations

The goal is not directly the employees, but the customers. Unsatisfied employees directly lead to negligence on the part of the company’s customers. It is therefore imperative to carry out this survey to get the opinion of employees on the management of the company. This ensures a good relationship with the company’s external customers. On an employee review platform, you can analyze each other’s opinions.

In addition, knowing the level of satisfaction or dissatisfaction of employees makes it possible to gauge the social climate in the company. Thus, you will be able to understand the human and social dimension of the company. This employee satisfaction survey will make it possible to know the future needs of customers. An employee satisfaction survey will also allow you to know the level of commitment of your employees and their pride in working for your agency.


Collecting feedback from employees allows you to collect almost invaluable information. It is a powerful decision-making lever for a company. This makes it possible to prioritize actions within the company. You should read examples of employee feedback to get a clear idea of employee needs. So you can set up a strategy to acquire new customers.

In addition, satisfaction surveys are the greatest source of progress to optimize internal satisfaction. A good analysis of the data collected will let you know if overtime and paid leave are sufficient.

Workforce Mobilization

The employee satisfaction survey will make it possible to know which employees are satisfied with the work. This information can be used to reorganize your teams into priorities. Otherwise, the most satisfied will be led to provide a better job with customers. This survey allows you to unite your teams around a new strategy. Feedback management in companies is therefore important, because it will allow employees to know your opinions. The various satisfied employees are therefore assets for the satisfaction of external customers.

Stay tuned

The management of a company is not only the responsibility of the managers, but also of the other actors in the company. Otherwise, their opinions count too. To define a good strategy, you will have to listen to your employees. Nothing better than doing a survey for example. An employee satisfaction survey can be organized monthly to get feedback.

In addition, by being attentive, you will know the most satisfied employees of the company.

A better quality-of-life/productivity ratio

In a company, it is not always about productivity. It is not possible to have productive employees if the social climate is tense. For this, it is important to be able to combine quality of life and productivity in business. Employee feedback is the best way to innovate and offer new remuneration for example. This investigation could correct a dysfunction within a process. This will make it possible to chain much more fluid actions. This can involve providing employees with simpler tools. These tools will avoid time-consuming tasks in order to save them time and creativity. This investigation, if well done, will allow you to know the flaws and even find solutions.

In addition, it is impossible to have productive employees in a tense social climate. It is therefore important to pay close attention to this. The employee satisfaction survey allows you to have an idea of the social climate of the company. However, this survey should be well done. Otherwise, you will not be able to get enough information. The soft skills of a manager will therefore be useful to carry out this survey.

Commitment vs satisfaction

These two concepts were debated at length by psychologists in 1990. However, it is imperative to understand that you can measure both of these factors in a satisfaction survey.


Employee satisfaction is a success factor for a company. This satisfaction can come from the standard of living that the company offers to its employee. Otherwise, an employee will be satisfied if, for example, they manage to meet these needs with their salary. In the event that your employee has a family, then it would be imperative that the company provides them with benefits in this regard. In short, a satisfied employee is an employee who can adapt, regardless of their standard of living. These people manage to provide for themselves. This does not mean that they are motivated and ready to evolve the company.


Employee engagement goes further. A committed employee is most often satisfied. But the opposite is not always verifiable. It is therefore simply the desire to make extra effort for the company. Whether it pays or not. A committed employee is therefore a person ready to develop the company.

The employee satisfaction survey allows you to differentiate between these people. However, it must be well written and focused. Hire an expert in the field if necessary.

Fight against Turnover

An employee satisfaction survey is above all a powerful tool to avoid burnout. This survey allows you to know the most likely employees. And by extension, it is a way to avoid turnover in a company. Satisfied and engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave their company.

To conduct a good employee satisfaction survey, you need to call on an external advisor. This allows you to avoid conflicts of interest. However, if you have a human resources department, you can give them this task. With an accurate and well-oriented study, you will have all the necessary information to make decisions. The employee satisfaction survey is therefore a powerful lever for business decisions.


What are the benefits of an employee satisfaction survey for a company, and how can it help improve the relationship with external customers?

An employee satisfaction survey allows a company to collect valuable information to make strategic decisions. It helps to:

  • Prioritize internal actions.
  • Improve internal satisfaction and promote a better relationship between quality of life and productivity.
  • Contribute to the mobilization of the workforce by reorganizing teams according to priorities and strengthening the retention of satisfied employees.

This translates into a positive effect on the relationship with external customers, as satisfied employees are more inclined to provide better work with customers.

What is the difference between employee satisfaction and employee engagement, and how can an employee satisfaction survey help combat turnover within the company?

Employee satisfaction refers to their level of contentment with their work environment, while engagement goes beyond satisfaction, expressing their desire to get involved and actively contribute to the company’s evolution. An employee satisfaction survey distinguishes between these two aspects.

By identifying satisfied and engaged employees, the company can take steps to prevent burnout and thus reduce turnover. Satisfied and engaged employees are much less likely to leave the company, helping to stabilize the workforce.

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