Review.Jobs: The certified platform that gives employees a voice

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Review.Jobs: The certified platform that gives employees a voice

In the world of work, meeting the expectations of candidates and employees regarding the quality of life in the company is essential. Indeed, 9 out of 10 candidates are looking for information about the companies they are considering joining.

During a recent edition of “Happy Boulot, le mag” on BFM Business, Nicolas Marette, founder of Custplace, a platform specializing in the management of customer reviews, presented Review.Jobs by Custplace.

Learn about the impact of authenticated employee reviews on increasing job applications.

Review.Jobs offers candidates the opportunity to get informed through authentic reviews while allowing human resources to share authenticated testimonials to strengthen their employer brand.

Essential control and certification

Unlike other online platforms where anyone can leave a review without verification, Review.Jobs stands out by being the only AFNOR (French Association for Standardization) certified platform. This certification guarantees a rigorous process of collecting, moderating, and disseminating employee reviews, thus ensuring the credibility of reviews for those seeking information on potential companies.

How does Review.Jobs ensure this certification?

On Review.Jobs, employees cannot leave a spontaneous opinion. Companies solicit their employees to share their professional experience within the company. Then, a verification process based on email address, IP address, etc. is set up to authenticate reviews. This simple process allows the opinions of the majority of employees to be collected seamlessly, without requiring the creation of an account and preserves their anonymity.

A significant impact on applications

Review.Jobs, launched a few months ago, already has a dozen companies and more than 100,000 employee reviews, reflecting strong demand. The opinions cover a variety of topics, from quality of life at work to other professional aspects. Through natural language analysis, Review.Jobs collects authentic employee testimonials, providing critical information for HR professionals to identify needed improvements.

This approach has a concrete impact, significantly increasing the application rate by 12% when employee reviews are posted on employer platforms. This approach demonstrates the effectiveness of disseminating testimonials on the attraction of candidates, as well as on the online reputation of companies.

Review.Jobs plays a crucial role in providing reliable control and certification of employee reviews, contributing to informed decision-making for candidates, and the continuous improvement of companies in human resources management.

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