12 examples of employer branding campaigns

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12 examples of employer branding campaigns

In the age of the war for talent, looking at examples of the best employer branding campaigns is a great approach to take.

Such an initiative can allow a company to find inspiration to better think about its employer brand strategy in order to stand out and attract the best candidates.

To hire managers and HR managers, you need to find and implement the right strategies. This article presents some examples of successful employer branding campaigns.

1 – Vinci

Previously called “Société Générale d’Entreprises”, Vinci is one of the world leaders in the construction and concession sectors. In 2017, the group launched a 100% digital campaign on its employer brand.

Its goal was to show a less serious corporate image. To succeed in this campaign, Vinci focused primarily on authenticity and eclecticism.

To this end, the group produced a spot that has accumulated more than 10,000 views. This was subsequently translated into video portraits of employees, filmed in the field, and posted online on its YouTube channel. The approach helped to improve the image that the public had of the group.

The group also created a Messenger bot on Facebook as part of its employer branding campaign. Internet users were invited to complete 5 challenges relating to the 5 character traits at the center of the company.

With a total of around 1,600 challenges completed by 1,100 users, Vinci generated a very satisfactory engagement rate which allowed it to improve its employer brand.

2 – Joann

Joann is a company that understood very early on what the employer brand is and the importance of developing it. Its employer brand campaign, which is one of the best examples, is based on an EVP (Employee Value Proposition).

Joann tells its brand’s story by offering a strong and compelling EVP that allows it to connect directly with potential candidates. On its website, it translates its personality with short sentences.

With a well-written EVP, Joann reaches out to the right people and gets them to take the next step, to finally apply. This is one of the best examples to draw inspiration from to develop your employer brand and recruit the best talents.

3 – Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris is a company that masterfully handles its employer brand. The actions carried out as part of its various employer branding campaigns have always been successful and can be cited as an example.

Disneyland is a brand that speaks for itself, particularly among young candidates who enjoyed visiting Mickey during their childhood. Having understood this, its HR teams have implemented dynamic communication, aimed mainly at young talents.

To attract the latter, Disneyland Paris has dedicated an entire part of its site to the work-study or internship recruitment process. In this section, the brand offers a certain number of personalized resources depending on its target. We find there :

  • Job descriptions as well as job offers to apply for;
  • An online quiz called “Find the job that suits you”;
  • An ultra-educational FAQ;
  • Events dedicated to recruitment.

All of this allows Disneyland Paris to have a strong employer brand and to attract the talent it is really looking for.

4 – Blizzard

Among the challenges of employer branding, attracting the best talents remains the most important. To achieve this, the employer branding campaign carried out by Blizzard can be cited as an example.

Indeed, to interest new candidates, Blizzard gives the public a glimpse behind the scenes on its Instagram page. By browsing its account on this social network, candidates will be able to get a real idea of ​​daily life in the company.

The content published on Instagram by the brand covers several categories, namely:

  • Team ;
  • Work ;
  • Entertainment;
  • Pets, Etc.

This is an example from which recruitment and HR managers can draw inspiration to think with more originality about their company’s employer brand.

5 – Deloitte

The 2017 ranking carried out by Potentiel Park revealing the 100 largest employers in France places the company Deloitte in 2nd place with regard to multi-channel digital strategy.

This position is, unsurprisingly, the result of 10 years of work by the audit and consulting firm on its employer brand.

Deloitte’s campaign is focused on video. The firm uses the best of this communication tool to present its premises and its values ​​in an attractive manner. All this is naturally carried out in order to attract the best candidates.

For example, Deloitte opts for fun interactive videos in its employer branding campaigns that can allow a candidate to know if they will be a good fit in the company.

Thanks to this type of video, the firm manages to create engagement with candidates. Commitment, it must be remembered, constitutes an essential element of the success of an employer brand campaign, whatever the example used.

6 – Decathlon

To succeed in your work on your employer brand, it is imperative to know how to take advantage of your strengths in terms of commitment, value, and attractiveness.

Décathlon is an example of a company that succeeds in making its strengths major assets in its employer branding strategy. This allows it to obtain better results in recruiting and retaining its employees.

Already on the home page of the brand’s recruitment site, it is possible to read that it is the passion for sport that brings together all Decathlon employees.

The sports store brand is also one of the brands that relies on video to recruit and retain.

It has a YouTube channel dedicated to internal training or good practices but also accounts on social networks specially created for recruitment.

Through these channels, the company uses sharp storytelling to quickly immerse potential candidates in its world.

7 – Sherwin-Williams

Sharing your story is one of the best ways to integrate candidates into an employer branding strategy. This is something that a large number of companies have understood and, one example of the use of this employer branding strategy is that of Sherwin-Williams.

Indeed, when a brand has participated in history, it has something to be proud of and can use this pride to recruit. This is exactly what the Sherwin-Williams paint brand does.

Thanks to its career site, the brand presents the world-famous monuments that bear its painting. Among these monuments are:

  • The Golden Gate Bridge;
  • The famous Hollywood sign;
  • Jing’an Temple.

By opting for such a strategy in its employer branding campaign, Sherwin-Williams offers potential candidates the opportunity to be part of a company whose mark is present in history. The company offers them one more reason to be proud to belong to it.

8 – EY

The following example of inspiring employer branding campaigns concerns the financial auditing firm EY.

In its employer brand strategy, EY focuses primarily on employees. Indeed, the latter are the actors most likely to embody the company’s brand image since they experience it on a daily basis.

In the financial audit firm, it is the employees who are at the heart of brand communication. They thus contribute both to attracting talent and retaining them.

The firm’s YouTube channel features an impressive collection of interviews with staff. Each interview of a maximum duration of 1 minute shows an employee of the firm who focuses on a certain theme. This could be:

  • Quality of life at work;
  • Career development;
  • The separation between professional and personal life.

The strategy used by EY here shows the example that it is beneficial to place people at the center of the employer brand.

9 – Schbang

Another example of an effective employer branding campaign is that of the marketing agency Schbang. The company is particularly known for the originality of its job offers.

Of course, a company can simply publish traditional job offers on its website and on its social media. However, this is not the most attractive way to encourage candidates to apply.

You have to be creative, and the Schbang recruiters understand this well. The marketing agency creates fun, interesting, and particularly innovative job offers.

This way of presenting their job offers not only shows their creativity but also the level of creativity they expect from their different candidates.

10 – Netflix

When it comes to employer branding, Netflix is ​​certainly an example to follow. The company is distinguished by a digital and social media-focused style. This is quite logical since it is one of the most popular brands among millennials and Generation Z.

By visiting the job offers page of the American streaming giant, it is easy to realize that the brand invests a lot of time in creating engaging and dynamic content to improve its employer brand image.

The following elements are included in the employer branding content offered by Netflix:

  • Two blogs: one focused on technology, the other on company news and culture;
  • A particularly explicit, inspiring, and above all transparent “Culture Code”, which covers a series of important subjects such as remuneration, values ​​, and the company’s vision;
  • An internal podcast called “WeAreNetflix”: Through this podcast, people from the company talk about its technology and its values ​​in order to inspire employees and potential applicants.

Of course, like any good digital player, Netflix knows how to use content formats that appeal to its audience, particularly the video format.

For example, the company features a mini-series of employee interviews on the status of women at Netflix and behind-the-scenes footage at the company in its employer branding campaigns.

11 – L’Oreal

Completely changing the recruitment process and making it a fun and rewarding competition is the goal of the French cosmetics industrial group through L’Oréal Brandstorm.

Launched in 1992, this program allows students to experience the work of a brand manager for six months. Each year, participating teams spend six months choosing one of 30 L’Oréal brands and proposing a product or service to launch.

Challenge, innovation, pleasure, and competition are the watchwords of this enriching program from L’Oréal. The company, by this means, creates an environment conducive to the recruitment of young talents while working for their development.

This is a particularly interesting example of an employer branding campaign.

12 – Progressive

The link between employer branding and employee loyalty is perfectly represented in the example that follows.

This is Progressive’s campaign which is based on transparency regarding data relating to diversity and inclusion within the company.

This is quite original because most brands are not always very transparent on these important issues.

Progressive takes the opposite approach. Instead of making an inclusive statement about how it supports diversity, it provides statistics on the race and ethnicity of its employees.

This demonstrates the brand’s commitment to inclusion and strengthens the appeal of their employer brand. This strategy adopted by the brand with regard to employer branding is particularly inspiring and innovative, making it an example to follow.


What are the benefits of successful employer branding campaigns?

Successful employer branding campaigns allow a company to stand out and attract the best candidates. They improve the company’s image by making its culture more attractive and authentic. These campaigns also help to build internal employee loyalty, because they are proud of their belonging to the company. In addition, by using creative and innovative strategies, they generate candidate engagement and strengthen company awareness.

What strategies do some companies use in their employer branding campaigns?

Some companies have used different effective strategies for their employer branding campaigns. For example :

  • Vinci launched a digital campaign emphasizing authenticity and eclecticism, using videos from employees on the ground.
  • Joann has established a strong EVP to connect directly with potential candidates.
  • Disneyland Paris has created a community on social media, specifically targeting young talents with engaging videos and content.
  • Deloitte relied on fun, interactive videos to engage candidates.

Each of these strategies contributed to the success of their employer branding campaigns.

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