Your professional journey starts with Review.Jobs–The North Star that guides you to your dream internship

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Your professional journey starts with Review.Jobs–The North Star that guides you to your dream internship

Ready for the professional journey ahead, set your career goals, go for your dream internship!

Review.Jobs helps today’s interns become tomorrow’s great employees

  • Our review management platform,, is tailored for students and interns looking to embark on their professional journey. Students can read reviews to get an idea about the work-life in their desired industry while interns provide the inside scoop on companies. 

  • Are you currently doing an internship? Or have you recently completed one? Leave a review on our ISO-certified platform and share your honest experience with other students. Was your internship at X company successful? Did you get the proper training and support you needed? Share the details with other students to help them land the internship of their dreams and gain impressive, resume-building experience. 

  • Are you a student searching for an internship? This is an important step in your professional journey. A successful internship can set you ahead in your career path, hence why you must choose your desired company with the utmost care. Review.Jobs assists you in making the right choice. We provide honest reviews from students who have been in your shoes before. Read about their experience and make informed decisions about your future.

Employers are listening for feedback 

Internships provide college students with valuable professional experience and real insight into their desired industry. Collecting  Intern reviews is essential for companies to evaluate their internship programs by assessing aspects such as the quality of training, mentorship, work environment, company culture, and growth opportunities. Understanding these aspects from the interns’ perspective can help companies identify strengths and weaknesses in their internship programs and draw action plans accordingly. For example, if interns consistently mention a lack of structured mentorship, the company can introduce mentorship programs to address this need.

A strong employer brand, powered by intern reviews

Transparently sharing intern reviews demonstrates the company’s commitment to transparency and openness. It shows that the company values feedback and is willing to listen to the voices of its interns. This transparency builds credibility and trust among potential candidates, two indispensable factors for a strong employer brand. As candidates research potential employers, positive intern reviews can differentiate the company from competitors and position it as an employer of choice, one that genuinely cares about its employees’ experiences.

Better intern reviews, better recruitment

Prospective interns are more likely to be attracted to companies with a track record of providing valuable and rewarding internship experiences, and what better proof than intern reviews? Sharing authentic testimonials on company websites, social media platforms, or employer review sites contributes to building a positive employer brand, consequently attracting more talent. Today’s interns might become tomorrow’s full-time employees. In fact, 68% of interns receive full-time employment offers by the same company upon completion of their internship (NACE Research, 2022). Furthermore, interns who have positive experiences are more likely to become brand ambassadors and refer other talented profiles to the organization, contributing to ongoing recruitment efforts and employee retention.

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